Bluminersfx investment

Frequently Asked Question

Below we’ve provided a bit of information on Bluminersfx, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Bluminersfx?

Bluminersfx is an online investment service that helps in making investing in cryptocurrencies very easy and affordable.

You can purchase with any crypto provided on the site.

Our investment program is international, accordingly-its participant can be any person who has reached age of majority under the laws of his country and having the right to independent management of own finances..

The registration procedure is as follows:
- click on the register button.
- Fill in the "Register information";
- specify a valid e - mail address in the "E-mail";
- Input your wallet address;
- enter the password in the column "Create a password";
- confirm password;
- click on the "Register"button.
After the registration procedure is completed, the system automatically will direct you to the Login Page.

What electronic payment systems can I start using?

You can purchase with any crypto provided on the site.

Create an account in Perfect Money is not difficult and not it'll take you a long time. Use the link provided below, to create a payment account. perfectmoney
Wallet for cryptocurrency you can register on such services as:
and many other services. You can buy cryptocurrency through exchanges or exchanges.

Yes you can.

After making a Deposit, you can withdraw after 24 hours.

In what currency is the withdrawal of profits?

Withdrawal is made to the wallet address provided.

Minimum Deposit amount: $50.
Maximum Deposit amount: $ infinite.

Yes you can.

Using your login details,
log in to your account
and in the "my-wallet page", fill in the amount to withdraw.

Does Bluminersfx have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program. Our priority is the scale and recognition of the project.

You can earn upto 15%, when your referral make their first deposit.

As long as we confirmed the deposit it is done immediately.

Write us an e-mail, or contact the administrator in any of the link.